Types of Weighted Smart Hula Hoops Available in the Market


When it comes to hula hoops, there are various types to choose from based on your preferences and fitness goals. The most common types include weighted hula hoops, infinity hoops, and exercise hoops.

Hula Hoops:

hula hoops, sometimes referred to as dance hoops or performance hoops, are larger and heavier than traditional hula hoops. These hoops are commonly used in hoop dance, flow arts, and artistic performances. Exercise hoops are suitable for individuals who want to explore more advanced hooping techniques, tricks, and choreography.

Weighted smart hula hoops :

Weighted K-Mart smart hula hoops are designed to provide more resistance and intensify your workout. These hoops typically have added weight, either in the form of sand or weighted inserts. They are suitable for individuals who want to focus on toning their core, improving strength, and enhancing cardiovascular fitness.






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