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Smart Hula Hoops UK

New Smart Hula Hoops for Exercise - Orange & White

New Smart Hula Hoops for Exercise - Orange & White

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Product Name: Smart Weighted Hula Hoops

Warranty: 1-year manufacturer's warranty

K-Mart Hula Hoops are designed to add resistance to your workout, providing an extra challenge and increasing the intensity of your exercise routine.
27 detachable Knots is easily customizable to fit your Large waist.
The hoop circle can be adjusted from 15 to 32 Knots.
Just 30 minutes a day with our smart hula hoop will make a significant difference, trimming your waist fat, enhancing the waist curve, improving flexibility, and promoting healthy bowel movements. 

Package Contents: 27 Detachable Knots, Weighted Ball, Axle with Adjustable Rope, assembly instructions,
and a Free Cooling Towel

Portability: Collapsible design for easy storage and travel
Fitness Benefits: Engages core muscles, improves coordination and balance, enhances cardiovascular endurance,
and aids in toning and strengthening the core
Recommended User Level: Beginner to advanced

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